It was a typical love story for Robert and Charlotte, they met in college, fell in love and started a life together, they started a family together. On August 21, 1980 at Charleston Memorial Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina, Jade Ariel Montgomery was brought into the world. She was the first of three children, after her came her brother Kyle, and a few years later her sister Taylor followed. She was a typical girl, liked dressing up, throwing tea parties with her dolls. Just enjoying her childhood. Throughout her life her parents owned a small local diner in Charleston that Jade and her siblings spent a great deal of time in as they grew up. And eventually all three of them started to work there to earn themselves money as they made their way through high school. It was at a young age Jade came to love both music and literature, not only did she lose herself in many songs by bands she had come to love, but she began losing herself in many different novels each time she read them. It was said that Jade’s love for reading came when her Great Aunt Alice gave her a copy of Alice In Wonderland when she was five years old.

The first time Jade read Alice in Wonderland she fell in love. Almost every night she begged and pleaded for her mother to read her a passage from the book. And once it was over she made her reread it to her until the day Jade was finally able to read it by herself. Every time she picked it up she entered a dream world she so wished for. Every day she woke up hoping and praying that she would find that white rabbit and go on a journey of her own. But as many things we dreamed for as we were children, Jade soon came to understand that it was in fact just that, a dream world. A world that she would never be able to visit, besides when reading it. And that was when she made the decision that if you could not find your dreamland that you could have the next best thing, and read about it in books. So she vowed that whatever she did in her future it would have to do with some form of literature. If it be teaching, or own a store, she was going to figure it out and do just that.

For two consecutive summers in a row Jade was a camp counselor at Lake Hartwell in Fair Play, South Carolina. Even though most of her friends gave her shit about spending her last two summers in high school away being a counselor she really loved it. It gave her a break from her family as well as an opportunity to make a lot of great friends. The camps age groups ranged from about 8 to 13, and even though most of the older kids tended to become brattier as time went on it was a still a fun experience. While there she began close with Benjamin Sherwood, who became her guide the first summer and her crush the second. What started off as flirting quickly turned into a summer fling. However it never progressed beyond that. The two stayed in touch for a while, both sadly lost touch while in college.

Right after high school Jade was accepted at NYU and worked her way through until the very end. While there Jade met and became the best of friends with a girl named Calliope Pierce. The girl opened Jade up to new experiences that would forever be cherished. Jade’s love for music was brought out when Callie who often performed at small places around the city would pull Jade up right along with her. Eventually school came to a close and with Callie’s sad departure to France Jade knew she would return home to South Carolina and start on the next chapter of her own life. However after living at home for a few months Jade headed out and moved to an area of South Carolina her parents brought her and her siblings often when growing up and opened a small bookstore and was grateful with where her life was going. She dated a few people here and there, nothing too serious until she met Eli Jennings. The two instantly hit it off and started to date, Jade fell head over heels for Eli and the relationship seemed to be strong. Two months after her 23rd birthday, Jade’s parents were in a car accident costing both of them their lives. After the death Jade went into a slump for a year talking to barely anyone, and burying herself in work. During this time she lost many people close to her including her relationship with Eli and at the end was never able to mend some relationships to the extent they were.

It took Jade a while to finally be at peace to what had happened to her parents, and although she missed them greatly she knew they would not want her to dwell on the past. Eventually things picked up and Jade was back to her old self and even found herself reconnecting with Eli. Of course it first started out as just two people sometimes talking, catching up really. However, slowly it started to form into something more. It wasn’t a secret that Jade still cared for and loved Eli very much, even though she tried to deny it often. So the two continued to talk and eventually decided to give the relationship another shot. And eventually they decided to take the next step and married even though they both were unsure if that was the right thing to do. Jade soon found out she was pregnant with Eli’s child and as time passed the blessed event was unable to save the marriage. Problems started and the lack of conversation put a strain on the couples marriage. When Jade ran into Benjamin Sherwood she knew that her heart would never be fully with Eli. The two divorced and talked about keeping close for their unborn child but eventually Eli left and Jade was left four months pregnant.

Jade did her very best to keep moving forward and not take the little things for granted. While her pregnancy continued to progress, her and Ben decided to givve a relationship a shot. It was one of the best decisions she ever made in her entire life. Caleb was born March 29, 2011, and together her and Ben raised him and began to figure out their life together. With prospects of moving to New York, Jade decided to go back to school and work on getting her teachers certificate. Eventually her and Ben married, and Ben adopted Caleb as his own. In the fall of 2014 Jade started her first full time teaching job at Sleepy Hollow High School where she would teacher english.